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Here you will find reports on new applications, new measuring and control technology devices.
In steam boiler systems, a continuous level indicator without auxiliary power is often required. Particularly when high temperatures and/or pressures prevail, special safety precautions must be taken. For industrial steam boilers, the EN 12953-6 standard prescribes sight glass gauges with a transparent viewing window. The bypass sight glass gauges LGG meet this standard.
Turbine and impeller flowmeters are often used when high accuracy is required in a limited space. While more accurate measurement results are often possible with turbine flow meters, impeller flow meters are often cheaper.
Hydrostatic level measurement with the 981 pressure sensor (pressure transmitter, pressure transducer) in open vessels is a simple and robust method.
Flow limiters (also known as flow rate limiters, control valves or stabilizers) ensure a constant flow of water and similar media in the event of pressure fluctuations in pipelines.
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In many industrial manufacturing processes, safe temperature monitoring is only possible without contact due to high temperature development, harsh environmental conditions or difficult-to-access or moving objects. The new infrared temperature sensor TE-IR ensures non-contact process monitoring through fast, precise temperature control using the infrared method.
Standard temperature sensors are often not sufficient for demanding applications. Our TE series made of stainless steel offers numerous solutions for complex applications: analog outputs (HART), non-contact temperature measurement (infrared sensors), large measuring ranges (-40 ° C ... +1,000 ° C), operating distance up to 100 m (radio), etc.
Angled pipe systems create flow obstacles and rarely offer sufficiently long inlet and outlet sections for the clean recording of the volume flow. The new multi-point measurement technology significantly improves flow detection and delivers reliable measured values.
Turbine flow meter for liquid volume measurementIf fast liquid volume measurement with high resolution is required, turbine flowmeters are the ideal solution.
Level measurement from outside without touching the medium, high measuring accuracy, no dependence on temperature, wind and fog - these new requirements are met by the new radar level sensors.
You know the problem: the small float switch fits exactly - but the cable length is not enough. Here you will find solutions to this problem: long, firmly connected cables and device plugs, which we deliver from stock.
The maintenance-free HVAC 100 shows the volume flow and the temperature of air and gases. It was developed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry and the monitoring of supply and exhaust air control in fume cupboards in clean rooms.
Numerous versions of the 901 pressure switches are used to monitor the excess, negative or differential pressure in the case of liquid and gaseous - even aggressive - media. The 901 pressure switches are flexible, inexpensive and available from stock.
Baffle plate measuring devices are used to monitor liquid and low-viscosity media as well as gaseous media. The proven measuring system is safe. robust and insensitive to contaminated media. A particularly good price-performance ratio results when mounting on large pipes.
New: LED operating status display with optional LF status indicator The proven flow sensors SS 20.415 and SS 20.515 for laminar flow monitoring and control - highly precise and quickly installed - are already established on the market. The optimization and successful implementation of important market requirements now make plant operation even safer, easier and more intuitive.
New in the Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik portfolio: Devices for measuring and monitoring both, level and temperature. The devices made of stainless steel 1.4571 can be used in a wide temperature range between -30 °C and +150 °C. Degree of protection is IP66.
New at Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik: the small oval wheel meters of the OR Plus series, approved for the Ex area (Atex). These high-precision volume meters for liquids from 0.03 l / min are available with pulse output or multifunction electronics MFE.
TSP temperature switches made of stainless steel are versatile, even under harsh operating conditions. They combine high quality with customer-specific and economical properties.
With the bypass level indicator type BNA, fill levels are continuously displayed without auxiliary energy. Individual design and corrosion-resistant materials enable a wide range of applications for liquids. A wide variety of different process connections, explosion-proof versions and the potential attachment of sensors and magnetic switches expand the area of application.
Our compact flow sensors of the SDNC 500 series are now also available with an IO-Link interface. This interface is standardized and independent of the fieldbus. The sensors are programmable via a computer. SDN 500 is therefore particularly suitable for process monitoring with data transmission in automation.
The optoelectronic level sensor OLS-F1 was specially developed for sterile process engineering and is suitable for use in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing applications. Autoclavable applications can be carried out up to a temperature of 134 °C.
We have recently added compact dosing devices for conductive and non-conductive liquids to our product range. With Flowtronic and OKT, dosing applications can also be implemented in hazardous areas. Both dosing devices do not require any inlet and outlet sections.
To display your volume flow measurement data, you often need an analog output from your flow monitor. We now offer the Analog Transmitter Signal 4.0 for our variable area flow monitors. The measurement data can thus be integrated into your system control.
Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 as a megatrend. The term “Industry 4.0” was first defined in 2011 by the Federal Government as the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 solutions interlink production with the latest information and communication technology.
The capacitive level sensor KGFR with G1 thread and round tip can be used universally: for aqueous media such as Water, acids and alkalis, many oils and granulates such as Road salt.
The universal in-line ultrasonic flow transmitter DU-S measures the volume flow of liquids with high accuracy, regardless of the physical properties of the medium such as electrical conductivity, density, temperature and viscosity. The ultrasonic flow meter DU-S has an excellent price / performance ratio.
"This year's Hannover Messe could mark a historic date for the development of Industry 4.0." (1) said Bitkom Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, and "You will be able to see here in five days what will move into the factories over the next five years" (2), said trade fair board member Jochen Köckler.
Oval wheel meters of the OI series are used especially for highly viscous media. The measuring accuracy is maintained even at high operating temperatures and pressures.
New at Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik: As a wholesaler, Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik supplies all Honeywell fittings.
Calorimetric flow monitor SUE-30 - high quality and extremely economical!
With compact measuring devices, flow rates are reliably measured and monitored. These devices can also be used for high demands on pressure resistance, temperature and under Ex conditions.
In numerous applications for level monitoring of liquid media, the use of float switches is prohibited. Typical applications are contaminated media and turbulence in the medium, which can block the float. In these cases, optoelectronic level sensors are often used.
Biogas plants are an indispensable part of achieving the climate protection goals. For operators of biogas plants, safety and profitability are the key points of success. Monitoring and measurement in production are therefore essential. High quality standards must be observed.
Continuous density and concentration measurements of the medium enable a significant improvement in quality. The measurement is carried out in the process. Measured values are not affected by transport to the laboratory. This also reduces personnel requirements and costs.
The functional safety of pressure monitoring is becoming increasingly important in industrial process engineering. We have therefore expanded our portfolio with the pressure switches from the manufacturer Fema Honeywell. As a Fema wholesaler, we provide you with SIL-compliant devices for your safety-relevant areas of application.
The diversity in the use of the proven flow meters / flow monitors was the focus of this new development.
In the course of automation, mechanical engineering, in cooling circuits and dosing systems, sensors for small flow rates are increasingly being used. Our new calorimetric sensor SDNC 503 is now available for this.
New: The proven variable area flowmeters for small volume flows RVO/U, RVM/U, RMU, DKM and DKG can now also be used with contacts according to Atex in potentially explosive areas.
With its energy concept, the Federal Government is striving for Germany to play a pioneering role in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection in the future with competitive energy prices and a high level of prosperity.
Compressed air is an expensive energy. It is therefore worthwhile to optimize compressed air networks. The first step is the "knowledge" how and where to start with the optimization.
Increasing costs for energy generation are never appreciated! Compressed air, a cost-intensive energy source, offers great savings potential. For example, a leak in your compressed air system of 6 mm can cost you € 27,000 a year.
Coriolis sensors or cheaper thermal anemometers - sometimes with chamber head technology - are often used for exact flow measurement of gases. The thermal anemometers essentially offer the performance range of the Coriolis sensors. The decision for a measuring principle depends on the application of details.
The SS 20.600 flow sensor for gases delivers precise measurement results up to flow velocities of 220 m/s. It can be used up to 40 bar and 120 °C and provides output signals for flow speed and temperature. The ATEX version allows a minimum medium temperature of -40 °C.
Plastic flowmeters not only offer the general advantages of chemical resistance and robustness, they are often an interesting price alternative to other variable area measuring devices.
Density and concentration measurements should be carried out directly and continuously in the production process. By installing measuring stations in the tank or the pipeline, the monitoring of aggressive media is safer, the measured values are not influenced by transport to the laboratory, personnel requirements and costs are significantly reduced.
Oils and other viscous liquids (e.g. lubricants, paints, food) change their viscosity depending on the temperature. This strong non-linear dependence of the kinematic viscosity requires special flow meters / flow monitors for flow measurement / monitoring.
The modern oval wheel meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF work precisely, with the lowest pressure loss and independent of viscosity. Permanent use in viscous and aggressive media, they are very economical volume meters.
Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik was successfully recertified in January 2013. At the request of our customers, we provide the certification certificate according to the guidelines of ISO EN 9001: 2008 for download here.
Calorimetric methods for flow monitoring are becoming increasingly important. We would therefore like to remind you of the advantages and preferred applications of the "calorimetry" measurement principle.
The optoelectronic sensor OG 052 is a special device for limit value detection of liquid media in vibrating components.
The question often arises as to the most suitable monitoring of liquid levels: float switch, optoelectronic sensor or tuning fork switch?
The flow meter / flow monitor DUG works according to the variable area principle. The usual conical measuring tube was replaced by a slot nozzle. This special construction enables the installation of a special compression spring, which exerts an additional force on the float.
Mini float switches and standard float switches offer flexible and inexpensive level monitoring options. A device according to your specifications is manufactured within approx. 3 weeks. We have the universal mini float switches in stock. Here are a few examples.

New in our product line: from January 2011 you will receive the new SDI flow sensors from Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik.