SUE-30 - now available from stock

SUE 30 - now available from stock

Calorimetric flow monitor SUE-30 - high quality and extremely economical!

Due to the great demand for our calorimetric flow monitor SUE-30, we have decided to deliver it in stock.
The flow monitor SUE-30 works according to the proven thermodynamic principle. There are therefore no moving parts in the medium.
SUE-30 monitors liquids from 1 cm / s flow speed, consists of a solid stainless steel housing and is pressure-resistant up to 100 bar.

SUE-30 characteristics

  •     SUE-30 can be used universally for liquids

    •         Measuring range water 1 ... 150 cm / s

    •         Oil measuring range 3 ... 300 cm / s

  •     The full stainless steel version guarantees high pressure resistance up to 100 bar.

  •     SUE-30 can be used at -20 ° C to + 80 ° C (ambient temperature and medium temperature).

  •     The compact version also enables installation in confined spaces.

  •     The switching point is adjustable. An LED display visually signals the switching status.

  •     The device is equipped with a threaded connection (G ½).

  •     The PNP output (make contact) works with 400 mA.

  •     M12x1 cable sockets with 2m or 5m cables are available as accessories.

SUE 30SUE-30 adjustability
You can set the desired switch-off point at the selected flow rate using the potentiometer on the compact device. You can make the setting so sensitive that wetting with water leads to switching. The devices then also function as level monitors in practice.

SUE-30 economic efficiency
The calorimetric flow monitor SUE-30 is also suitable as an OEM for installation in flow monitoring systems. We can currently offer you SUE-30 (with an immersion length of 30cm) at a very reasonable price.

Please ask here stating your operating conditions (volume flow, medium, temperature)

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