Density and concentration measurement

Density and concentration measurement

Density and concentration measurements should be carried out directly and continuously in the production process.
By installing measuring stations in the tank or the pipeline, the monitoring of aggressive media is safer, the measured values are not influenced by transport to the laboratory, personnel requirements and costs are significantly reduced.
The quality is improved in particular by prompt, continuous information.
We would like to introduce two density measuring devices that combine very high measuring accuracy with low prices.

DIMF 2.0

  • Density and concentration measurement of liquids in all industrial areas
  • Process control
  • Product monitoring
  • Product detection
  • quality assurance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Many material variants (stainless steel, Hastelloy, tantalum ...)
  • 2-wire transmitter (4-20mA, HART®)
  • Measurement of density, reference density, concentration
  • Measuring accuracy ± 0.2 kg/m³ (with special calibration ± 0.1 kg/m³)

DIMF Compact

  • Density measurement of liquids in mechanical engineering
  • Product monitoring
  • Product detection
  • quality assurance
  • Inexpensive version for mechanical engineering
  • stainless steel
  • RS232 interface
  • Density measurement (for serial production also concentration)
  • Measuring accuracy ± 0.5 kg/m³
Typical applications
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  • Density measurement of liquids
  • Concentration measurement of 2-substance mixtures
  • Solids content measurement in liquids
  • Concentration monitoring in mixing plants
  • Process control
  • Product detection
  • Product monitoring
  • quality assurance
  • Concentration measurement of acids and bases
  • Concentration measurement of alcohol
  • Measurement of sugar content (°Brix)
  • "Water in oil" detection
  • And many more


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