New: InLine volume flow sensor for gases

InLine volume flow sensor IL30 with multi-point measurement for gases in industrial processes

New: InLine volume flow sensor with multi-point measurement for demanding industrial applications

Inadequate flow profile?
No problem with the multi-point measurement technology!

Angled pipe systems create flow obstacles and rarely offer sufficiently long inlet and outlet sections for the clean recording of the volume flow. The proven measuring method of thermal anemometers has been integrated four times in the new InLine volume flow sensors with multi-point measurement. The radial arrangement of the four measuring points significantly improves flow detection and provides reliable measured values.

Querschnitt durch den InLine Volumenstrommesser IL30. Auf zwei parallel verlaufenden Sensorträgern befinden sich vier hochgenaue und voneinander unabhängig arbeitende Strömungsfühler im Sensorrohr.

Four highly accurate and independently working flow sensors are accommodated in the sensor tube on two parallel sensor carriers. The temperature sensor element for determining the medium temperature sits on a separate, centrally arranged sensor tongue.
The InLine sensor IL30 determines the flow velocity of the medium and outputs it as a "standard volume flow" (linear current / pulse signal). An additional measurement of the pressure or temperature of the medium and the associated calculations are therefore no longer necessary.

Demanding industrial processes and compressed air technology
The new InLine volume flow sensor is ideally suited for use in measuring consumption and flow in gases and for tools and machines operated by compressed air. It is the robust solution for demanding industrial applications. It can be used for various applications such as compressed air monitoring, gas monitoring for process burners, consumption recording of gases and much more, e.g.


  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • Flow measurement for passivation gases
  • Consumption measurement on compressed air operated tools and machines

Functionality modularly expandable
The InLine volume flow sensor IL30 has four integrated duo LEDs for displaying the flow range and for displaying the operating status of the sensor. The measured values ​​for volume flow and temperature are made available in parallel via two signal outputs. Various modules available as accessories can be connected via a second connector to display or forward the data.

Reduced maintenance and easy assembly
The installation of the sensor is very simple: screw the sensor into the existing pressure line, connect it electrically - done. The sensor works without moving parts and due to the measuring principle there are no signs of drift or aging. This reduces the maintenance effort.

Highlights of the InLine volume flow sensor IL30 with multi-point measurement technology:

  • Shortest entry and exit routes
  • Highest measuring accuracy, even in connection with flow obstacles
  • Direct measurement of standard volume flow and temperature
  • Low pressure drop
  • Modularly expandable
  • Easy installation, integrated measuring section

Available from October 2018
The pipes shown are optional accessories. The sensor is delivered without these accessories.