SDNC 500 - The Smart Compact Solution for your Plant

Flow monitor SDNC 500 for flow monitoring of liquids with IO-Link interface in compact systems

Our compact flow sensors of the SDNC 500 series are now also available with an IO-Link interface. This interface is standardized and independent of the fieldbus. The sensors are programmable via a computer. SDN 500 is therefore particularly suitable for process monitoring with data transmission in automation.

The SDNC 500 sensors simultaneously measure the flow velocity and the temperature of liquid media. The sensors are parameterized using configuration software via an IO-Link USB master. The versions ... GAPL deliver a linearized output signal for the flow in water-based media.

The SDNC 500 sensors are particularly suitable for monitoring small flow rates (0.020 ... 0.500 l / min). This includes, for example, the
Protection of pumps with mechanical seals and sealing fluid. They are therefore often used when checking the mechanical seal's sealing water: in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, etc.


  • Limit / range monitoring

  • Analog output

  • Pulse output flow

  • Teach functions

  • Logical connection

  • Switching delay

SDNC 502 GAPLwater-based media,
0.020...0.500 l/min, linearized
SDNC 503 GANPLfor liquid media
SDNC 503 GAPLwater-based media,
0.05...2.0 l/min, linearized
SDNC 506 GANPLfor liquid media
SDNC 506 GAPLwater-based media,
0.10...4.00 l/min, linearized
SDNC 508 GANPLfor liquid media
SDNC 508 GAPLwater-based media,
0.20...8.00 l/min, linearized
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