SDI flow sensors for automation

Magnetic-inductive flow meter (MID) SDI for conductive liquids

New in our product line: from January 2011 you will receive the new SDI flow sensors from Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik

The magnetic inductive flow meter SDI is used wherever an accurate and cost-effective flow measurement of electrically conductive liquids is required. The enormous advantages over other measuring methods are

  • the high measuring accuracy
  • the low pressure drop and
  • the compact device structure

Typical applications are

  • the control of cooling and heating circuits,
  • dosing tasks and
  • control tasks in control loops.

Basic data SDI flow sensor:

Measuring principle
Magnetic-inductive measuring principle: SDI generates a magnetic field transverse to the flow direction. A voltage dependent on the flow rate is generated in conductive liquids and is measured via electrodes.
0…40 l/min
Electrically conductive liquids:
min 15 µS/cm (water),
min 10 µS/cm (other liquids)
stainless steel and PVDF
  • Installation in the pipeline (mounting plate available as an accessory)
  • Simple, menu-driven programming
Data backup via access code
Electrical ouput
  • Switching output
  • Analog output (4… 20 mA signal)
  • Analog linear output for limit value monitoring (optional)
  • Limit values can be programmed by the customer. A time delay from 0 to 50 seconds can be set.
  • Time intervals with individual mean value calculations can be set. This enables fast and slow response phases to be defined.

Due to their innovative technology, SDI flow sensors are suitable for many complex applications.

  • Flow measurement in all conductive liquids, even in high-proof water-glycol mixtures.
  • Due to their compact design, the SDI flow sensors are particularly suitable for space-saving applications.
  • The flow sensors can be retrofitted in existing pipes.
  • Monitoring of cooling and temperature control circuits
  • Dosage monitors.


SDI flow sensors - available from January 2011!

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