Flow meters made of plastic

Flow meters made of plastic

Plastic flowmeters not only offer the general advantages of chemical resistance and robustness, they are often an interesting price alternative to other variable area measuring devices.

The plastic flowmeters work on the float principle and are available in two measuring range classes: M23 for small to medium measuring ranges (15 to 30,000 L/h), M335 / 350 for medium to large measuring ranges (50 to 60,000 L/h).

The measuring devices are available in the standard lengths:

  • 335mm (M23, M335)
  • 350mm (M350)

The chemical resistance of the measuring devices is often relevant. The materials of the floats can be selected depending on the medium. Examples for use in acids, bases, inorganic and organic media can be found in the data sheet. We would be happy to advise you on other media on request.

The operating temperature also influences the choice of material:

  • Polyamide Trogamid® 0 to max. + 60 °C
  • PVC: 0 to + max. 60 °C
  • Polysulfone: 0 to max. + 90 °C
  • PVDF: 0 to max. + 100 °C

Special scales for HCl, NaOH, air and other media are available. Please give us your medium, spec. Weight, viscosity, operating temperature and the desired measuring range.

If required, a limit contact Z40 / Z42 or a measurement sensor Z60 with transmitter 4-20 mA can be connected.

The price for measuring devices is essential, especially for large quantities. Please check our prices. We would be happy to make you an attractive offer.