New: HVAC 100

Flow sensor and temperature sensor HVAC 100 for air and gases; flow-independent assembly; 360 ° measuring ability.

In many applications such as In ventilation systems, the measurement of the flow speed, the volume flow and the temperature is necessary to ensure energy-efficient operation.
The measuring ranges of the HVAC 100 were matched to the needs of ventilation technology.
Due to its ease of installation, economical installation of the sensor is guaranteed.

Fast assembly thanks to 360 ° measuring head
The HVAC 100 is a high quality flow sensor and temperature sensor for clean air and gases, in a compact and attractive design, with a sophisticated 360 ° measuring head. Designed as a combination rod sensor, the market requirements of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology sector were implemented to ensure optimal use. Due to the specially developed 360 ° measuring capability, the sensor does not have to be aligned to the direction of flow and thus enables extremely simple and quick installation. A two-way mounting bracket is included. The integrated two-color status LED simplifies commissioning on site.

Easy cleaning and universal use
The self-contained design of the HVAC 100 also enables easy cleaning - if necessary, because care was taken during the design implementation to avoid "dirt traps" such as undercuts or recesses. That makes the HVAC 100 an omnipresent all-rounder. It is not only used in ventilation systems in the HVAC industry, but also in clean rooms, e.g. B. for precise control and monitoring of the required supply or exhaust air in fume cupboards.

Display of volume flow and temperature
Measuring the volume flow alone is not sufficient for many applications. The HVAC 100 works according to the calorimetric measuring principle and thus combines two sensors in one product. As a measurement result, it not only provides the standard flow velocity, which is used to determine the volume flow, but also the medium temperature. By using this combination sensor, the installation and commissioning expenses as well as the overall system costs are reduced.

Universal for all installation situations
Even varying installation situations due to different pipe diameters are not an unsolvable task for the HVAC 100: With an extension pipe included in the scope of delivery (additional pipes are available as accessories), the HVAC 100 can be easily extended to the required installation dimensions and thus saves costly adjustments and variants.

Highlights of the HVAC 100

  • Maintenance-free, robust and long-term stable
  • Highest reproducibility of the measurement results
  • Encapsulated protected sensor element
  • Highly integrated evaluation electronics in the sensor tube - no further transmitters required
  • 360 ° measuring capability, flow-independent assembly
  • Variable, infinite immersion depth, extendable
  • Anti-dust design
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated operating status display via LED
  • 3 measuring ranges (0… 2.5 m / s, 0… 10 m / s and 0… 20 m / s)
  • Output of standard flow velocity or volume flow and temperature

Typical areas of application for the HVAC 100

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Measurement of flow velocity, volume flow and temperature
  • Supply and exhaust air control in fume cupboards
  • Filter monitoring
  • Building ventilation and exhaust air systems