Measure, switch, control temperature

Stainless steel temperature sensors of the TE series

Standard temperature sensors are often not sufficient for demanding applications. Our stainless steel TE series offers numerous solutions for complex applications: analog outputs (HART), non-contact temperature measurement (infrared sensors), large measuring ranges (-40 ° C ... +1,000 ° C), ranges up to 100 m (radio).

The temperature sensors of the TE series are robust sensors made of stainless steel. They are used in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as in numerous complex industrial plants. They were designed for surface measurement on ferromagnetic materials without mechanical processing of the surface. These include e.g. B. sleeves, bores, etc. The new surface temperature sensors can be used both for sporadic and permanent measurements and are particularly well suited for use on test benches, autoclaves and pipes.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

TypeImageMeasuring/ switching rangeElectrical outputFeaturesApplications  
TESTemperaturschalter-TES.png-50...+200°CRelay with change over contact mit Wechsler
  • Screw-in PT100 limit switch

  • Simple on-site switching point setting

  • Numerous process connections(1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1/4NPT, 3/8NPT, 1/2NPT)

Limit switch TES for cost-optimized temperature monitoring in industrial applications!
The new electrical screw-in temperature switch TES is now available as a switch version for temperature monitoring in industrial applications. The new sensor is equipped with the input signal PT100 in the range -50 ° C ... +200 ° C and 3-wire technology.

TETTemperatur-Transmitter-TET.png-50...+200°C1 x 4-20 mA HART
  • Screw-in PT100 temperature sensor

  • Very robust sensor

  • Rotatable sensor head

Technically equipped with the same parameters as the TES, the TET convinces as a cost-effective transmitter variant for all applications in the entire area of industrial systems, in which equipment with an adjustable display head is not necessary.
TEKTemperatur-Sensor-TEK.png-50…+200°C, higher temperatures on request2 x 4...20 mA HART
  • Screw-in thermocouple temperature sensor

  • Thermocouple type K

  • 2 electronic switching outputs, programmable

  • Display: 7-segment, can be mirrored by 180 °

The thermocouple temperature sensor TEK was developed for industrial applications that require an adjustable display button and a temperature display.
TEFFunk-Temperatur-Sensor-TEF.png-50 °C ... +400°CRadio Transceiver
  • Screw-in PT100 temperature sensor radio

  • Operating distnace up to 100 m

  • Accuracy: approx. 0.2% of the range

  • Supply: lithium-ion battery

The TEF can be used anywhere in the industrial area where the distance between the measuring location and the evaluation has to be bridged by radio. With its remote configuration and evaluation software, the TEF magnetic surface temperature sensor is also suitable for demanding applications.
TEATemperatur-Transmitter-TEA.png-50...+200°C2 x 4-20 mA HART
  • Holding magnet PT100 temperature sensor

  • 2 configurable limit contacts

  • Display can be mirrored by 180 °

For use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as in the entire area of industrial systems. With the configurable limit contacts, the integrated display and the numerous electrical connections, the TEA temperature sensor is also suitable for demanding applications.
TE-IRInfrarot-Temperatursensor-TE-IR.png-40 °C … +1000°C2 x 4-20 mA HART
  • Screw-in infrared temperature sensor

  • Non-contact temperature measurement

New screw-in infrared temperature sensor TE-IR with display for non-contact temperature measurement!
In many industrial manufacturing processes, safe temperature monitoring is only possible without contact due to high temperature development, harsh environmental conditions or measuring objects that are difficult to access or move.
The new infrared temperature sensor TE-IR of the TE series guarantees optimal non-contact process monitoring through fast and precise temperature control using the infrared method.

TE Temperature Sensors