Dosing Technology

Dosing technology

We have recently added compact dosing devices for conductive and non-conductive liquids to our product range. With Flowtronic and OKT, dosing applications can also be implemented in hazardous areas. Both dosing devices do not require any inlet and outlet sections.

Flowtronic – the compact dosing system

Flowtronic, the compact dosing system for liquids

The Flowtronic meter is used for filling and metering liquids and viscous liquids up to 1,000 mPas, e.g. coolants, anti-corrosion agents and anti-freeze.

The pre-assembled and interactively tested Flowtronic metering device consists of a Y-filter, oval wheel meter, batch controller and a solenoid valve. In addition to controlling the valve (two-stage shutdown possible), a pump can be switched. External start-stop and other inputs are available on request.

The measuring range extends from 0.03 to 100 l/min. The measuring accuracy of the Flowtronic is ± 0.3%, the repeatability is better ± 0.02%.

Due to the flexible functionality, the Flowtronic dosing applications with isolating switching amplifiers can also be implemented in Ex areas. The preset counter must then be installed outside of the Ex area.


OKT - dosing in the Ex area

OKT, the compact dosing system for the Ex area

Dosing counters of the type OKT are used for automatic filling and dosing of liquids and highly viscous liquids up to 100,000mPas, e.g. solvents, resins, paints / varnishes, bases, organic / inorganic acids, alcohols and mineral oils such as e.g. Heating oils / diesel / lubricating oils.

The OKT dosing meters consist of an oval wheel meter, evaluation electronics (DC 155 dosing controller) and a 2-stage electro-pneumatic valve unit. Due to the flexible functionality (e.g. fault message system for flow monitoring), simple and complex dosing applications can be implemented without great wiring effort to the control room.

In the hazardous area, the OKT metering counters can be completely assembled. External control inputs enable simple remote control of the basic functions START, STOP and RESET. All process variables can be transferred to a higher-level control system via an optional Modbus interface. The control system can also use control commands to intervene in the dosing process via this interface.

The measuring range extends from 5 to 3000 l/min. The measuring accuracy of the OKT metering counter is ± 0.1%, the repeatability is better ± 0.02%.

Precise and reproducible filling processes reduce your costs.


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