The optoelectronic level sensor OG 052

The optoelectronic level sensor OG 052

The optoelectronic sensor OG 052 is a special device for limit value detection of liquid media in vibrating components.

  • The vibration-resistant level sensor made of stainless steel has been tested in extensive test series with a load of up to 60g at 10Hz to 5,000HZ.
  • Due to its robust, vibration-resistant design, OG 052 is a very reliable device. There are no moving parts in this device that could wear out.
  • OG 052 is a very inexpensive device for technically demanding applications.

OG 052 is particularly suitable for level monitoring of liquids in vibrating components, where float switches no longer work and tuning fork switches are not economical. It is already being used successfully in machine tools, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles and hydraulic units. Other applications are conceivable.

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