Expensive compressed air - energy saving with government funding

Expensive compressed air - energy saving with government funding

Increasing costs for energy generation are never appreciated! Compressed air, a cost-intensive energy source, offers great savings potential. For example, a leak in your compressed air system of 6 mm can cost you € 27,000 a year. A sample calculation for a medium-sized production plant can be found here.

Loss sources such as leaks can be located in a compressed air supply system and thus eliminated. Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik offers you reliable compressed air sensors to meet these cost increases.

  • Do you have unnecessary compressed air consumption?
  • Does your compressed air supply system consume energy even at a standstill?
  • Do you want to record your consumption data?

We deliver the perfect sensors for these tasks.

Under the guidelines for the promotion of energy management systems of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, your investment may receive a government grant.

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The inexpensive alternative for overpressure up to 10 bar
The strong industrial professional for demanding applications in air and gases
  • SS 20.30x
Flow sensor for volume flow measurement in compressed air and gases with integrated LED display and two signal outputs