Trade fair novelty: flow sensor WY & analog transmitter signal 4.0

Flow sensor WY & analog transmitter signal 4.0

"This year's Hannover Messe could mark a historic date for the development of Industry 4.0." (1) said Bitkom Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, and "You will be able to see here in five days what will move into the factories over the next five years" (2), said trade fair board member Jochen Köckler.
The trend towards increased automation and virtualization in industrial production can no longer be overlooked: Many exhibitors show manufacturing systems and robotics applications that are based on the concept of Industry 4.0.

Durchfluss-Sensor WY horizontal und vertikal einzubauen

In line with the central theme of the Hannover Messe 2016, we are presenting a new series of mechanical flow sensors WY. The new WY series combines the features of existing series into a new range of services. The WY combines a small size with a large measuring range and is extremely easy to maintain.

The flow meters / flow monitors of the WY series were developed for installation in pipelines. The installation position is arbitrary. The direction of flow is specified by the arrow on the brass housing. The display can be exchanged without having to remove it completely.

Analog transmitter signal 4.0 supplies a current signal and a voltage signalFor continuous flow monitoring, we present the new analog transmitter Signal 4.0, which simultaneously provides the user with a current signal (4-20 mA) and a voltage signal (0 -10 V).

The flow sensor WY and analog transmitter Signal 4.0 prepares your industrial system for future networking in the area of Industry 4.0!


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