Float switches

Float switches: standard and mini-float switches

Mini float switches and standard float switches offer flexible and inexpensive level monitoring options. A device according to your specifications is manufactured within approx. 3 weeks. We have the universal mini float switches in stock. Here are a few examples.



Miniature float switch
Due to their compact design, the mini float switches are suitable for monitoring very small volumes. Signals are sent to downstream elements such as pumps, etc. via reed contacts. There are models for side (horizontal) installation (SMH 1 - SMH 5) and models for installation from above (vertical) (SMV 1 and SMV 6).

At 54mm, SMH 1 is currently the shortest float switch for side installation. It is equipped with a 2m long cable. SMV 1 has a 5m long cable as standard. SMH 5, with plug connection, can be provided with any cable length.

The mini float switches made of stainless steel (SMH 4, SMH 5, SMV 6) are recommended for use in aggressive media.

An inexpensive variant for use in oils is provided by SMH 3 made of nylon.

We supply all miniature float switches inexpensively and from stock.

Standard float switch
They are the universal geniuses for level control. The user determines the device length, switching point position, material and device connection. All standard float switches can be equipped with an additional temperature monitor.

Float switches made of metal (SV 10 - SV 15, SH 20) are suitable for media temperatures up to 150 °C. SH 62 can be used at higher temperatures (up to 350 °C).

The SV6 bilge float switch can be used in shipbuilding thanks to its robustness and GL approval. It can of course also be used on land, e.g. in heavily contaminated liquids, bilge wells, tanks for hydraulics and diesel oil, fresh water tanks, in plant engineering, etc.!