The universal ultrasonic flow meter DU-S

Ultrasonic flow meter DU-S

The universal in-line ultrasonic flow transmitter DU-S measures the volume flow of liquids with high accuracy, regardless of the physical properties of the medium such as electrical conductivity, density, temperature and viscosity. The ultrasonic flow meter DU-S has an excellent price / performance ratio.

The ultrasonic transit time difference measurement
The in-line flow transmitter type DU-S works with two ultrasonic sensors, which are arranged opposite each other. The running time of the sound depends on the flow velocity. Both sensors work alternately as transmitters and receivers. The difference in transit time is proportional to the flow velocity. In contrast to other ultrasonic measuring systems, this system works parallel to the flow. With its extremely compact design, it offers high accuracy, excellent measuring dynamics and the possibility of measuring very high flow velocities without narrowing the cross-section. The measuring electronics display the volume flow directly.

Special features of the ultrasonic flow meter DU-S

  • Measurement is largely independent of the physical properties of the medium such as electrical conductivity, density, temperature and viscosity
  • No moving parts, low maintenance
  • No cross-sectional constriction - no pressure loss
  • Very large measurement dynamics
  • Even high flow velocities can be easily measured
  • Compact design
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Very good long-term stability
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Totalizer included

We supply the ultrasonic flow meter DU-S with the following connections:

  • ½ “ external thread, 1“ external thread, 2“external thread
  • Flange DN25 PN 16, flange DN50 PN16


  • stainless steel 1.4571, R1 and R2




  • brass 2.0401, ½"


The DU-S ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for numerous process control tasks and can be used in all industrial sectors. Our customers use it in the areas of

  • Acoustically conductive liquids, gas and solid contents <10 volume%
  • Water and sewage
  • Oils and highly viscous media
  • Energy and refrigeration
  • Chemistry, pharmacy and food chemistry


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