New: oval wheel meter - independent of viscosity, precise, durable

oval wheel meter

The modern oval wheel meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF work precisely, with the lowest pressure loss and independent of viscosity. Permanent use in viscous and aggressive media, they are very economical volume meters.

Modern construction
Oval gear meters have been used as tried-and-tested mechanical volume measuring devices for 80 years. Today, our modular oval flow meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF are additionally equipped with modern electronics (MFE).

The gears of our Flowal OR and Flowal OF oval gear meters are made of plastic. They are therefore easy to operate and work with minimal pressure loss. The gears can be replaced when worn.

Functional description

  Oval wheel meters are direct volume meters. Two toothed precision oval gears are driven by the fluid pressure. With each revolution of the pair of oval wheels, a defined volume of liquid passes the counter, which measures the number of revolutions.
Oval wheel meters measure immediately 
  In contrast to the Coriolis mass meter, which has a start-up phase in which it does not provide exact data, the oval wheel meter measures immediately. Since it does not require any entry and exit sections, it is suitable for all cases in which starting problems are to be avoided.

Viscosity independence
The measuring principle of the oval gear meter is independent of the viscosity of the medium. Oval gear meters are therefore suitable for medium to highly viscous media with no solid content.

High measuring accuracy
With an accuracy of 0.5% of the final value, our oval gear meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF enable very precise volume measurements and repeatable results (0.1% of the measured value).

Robust and durable
Some oval gear meters have been in use for over 50 years (e.g. in a tank farm). The long service life is due to three properties:

  1.  There are no short-lived electronic parts.
  2.  The devices do not need to be cleaned, they are maintenance-free. This is of great advantage especially when used in oils.
  3.  The high pressure stability of Flowal OR and Flowal OF (up to 40 bar) contribute to the longevity of our oval gear meters.

Process connection
We supply oval gear meters with pipe thread (Flowal OR) or flange connection (Flowal OF) as well as customer-specific process connections. Please contact us.

Certificates and approvals
Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2.

Pressure Equipment Directive: The Flowal OR and Flowal OF oval gear meters are suitable for Group 1 liquids in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC.
Classification according to Article 3, §3 (designed and manufactured according to good engineering practice).

CE mark: The measuring system meets the legal requirements of the EC Directives 2004/108 / EG and 94/9 / EG including those published to date
Changes or supplements.

The oval gear meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF are also available as EX devices according to ATEX.

Examples of use
The oval gear meters Flowal OR and Flowal OF are suitable for use in the fields of mechanical engineering, cosmetics industry, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry. Typical liquids are mineral oils, hydraulic oils, brake oils, coolants, gear oils, heating oils, adhesives, resins etc.

Flowal OR and Flowal OF made of plastic are suitable for aggressive liquids such as acids, alkalis, solvents, pickles, detergents, dishwashing liquids, disinfectants, rinse aids, cleaners, soldering fluxes, fluxes etc.

Economic solutions
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