SS 20.600 - the flow sensor for gases

SS 20.600 - the flow sensor for gases

The SS 20.600 flow sensor for gases delivers precise measurement results up to flow velocities of 220 m/s. It can be used up to 40 bar and 120 °C and provides output signals for flow speed and temperature. The ATEX version allows a minimum medium temperature of -40 °C.


The flow sensor SS 20.600 is a thermal anemometer and works in the CTD mode. This operating mode enables:

  • A good resolution with low flow rates
  • The measurement even of high flow velocities
  • A particularly quick response
  • Measurements even at high operating temperatures

Very large measuring range dynamics

Chamber-head sensorThe special chamber head sensor measures flow velocities from 0.2 m / s up to 220 m/s.

Pressure wind tunnelIn order to obtain precise measurement results in this very wide speed range, each sensor is individually adjusted in a complex pressure wind tunnel.
The chamber head protects the sensor. Therefore, the SS 20.600 with this robust design can be used almost anywhere.


Use in a wide pressure range

The robust chamber head also enables the SS 20.600 to be used in a wide pressure range. The SS 20.600 can be used as standard from a vacuum up to +16 bar. If the standard version of 16 bar overpressure is not sufficient, a version up to 40 bar can be selected. The use in the negative pressure area is limited by the need for the presence of molecules. This enables measurements in the "near vacuum range".

Use in a wide temperature range

The flow sensor SS 20.600 delivers exact measurement results even at high medium temperatures. The application range is -40 ° C to +120 ° C.

Output signals for flow velocity and temperature

As a thermal anemometer, the SS 20.600 records not only the flow rate but also the medium temperature up to 120 ° C. Output signals are 4… 20 mA / 0… 10 V and pulses (0… 100 Hz or pulses / m3). Both measurements are output in the same way; the signal characteristic is designed as an auto U / I.

Use in flammable or explosive media

Der SS 20.600 ist als ATEX-Version erhältlich.The optional ATEX version SS 20.600 Ex is designed for use in an explosive gas atmosphere in Zone 2. For this, among other things special protective functions integrated, e.g. the protective sleeve for the connector and the grounding clamp on the housing or, in the case of the remote version, also on the sensor tube. This version allows a minimum medium temperature of -40 °C.


Use in very large pipes

For optimal installation in different pipe diameters, four standard probe lengths as well as special lengths from 120 to 1,000 mm can be selected.

A remote version up to 10 m is available for difficult installation conditions. Both the sensor length itself and the cable length between the sensor and the housing can be selected. This mechanical design is particularly suitable for drying or cleaning processes at high temperatures.

Use for all kinds of gases

The sensor is available in individual versions for use in different gases, e.g. for pure oxygen, CO2 or methane. The SS 20.600 is also suitable for the pressure-tight use of well gases, biogas and natural gas.

Areas of application

The thermal flow sensor SS 20.600 is the robust solution for demanding industrial applications. It can be used for various applications such as compressed air monitoring, gas monitoring for process burners, consumption recording of gases and much more.

When measuring the supply air for industrial burners, the sensor measures the fuel gas supply and regulates the amount of fuel gas. In this way, an optimal fuel gas supply is achieved, which contributes to energy saving.

The SS 20.600 is also successfully used to record shielding gas quantities (nitrogen) and gas consumption.

Compressed air technology measures compressed air consumption and controls compressors. The SS 20.600 is also used for leakage measurement, energy efficiency and monitoring of the minimum flow.

The SS 20.600 flow sensor is an inexpensive alternative to Coriolis flowmeters for gases. Ask us, we will gladly advise you!


  • LED measured value display
  • Ball valve measuring sensor
  • Connection possible with fieldbus modules (on request)