OI series oval wheel meters

OI series oval wheel meters

Oval wheel meters of the OI series are used especially for highly viscous media. The measuring accuracy is maintained even at high operating temperatures and pressures.

How oval wheel meters work

Oval wheel meters are direct volume meters that were developed by Bopp & Reuther in 1932. Some of the oval gear meters produced 70 years ago are still in operation today.
All oval wheel meters consist of a measuring chamber housing and two rotatably mounted oval wheels, which mesh with one another and roll on each other in a counter-rotating movement.


Ovalradmesskammer mit 2 Ovalrädern

With each rotation, the oval wheels convey four partial volumes (delimited between the oval wheel and the measuring chamber) through the meter. The number of revolutions is an exact measure of the flow rate.

Oval wheel meters are excellent volume and flow meters with the following advantages:

  • High measuring accuracy

  • Very high reproducibility

  • Long-term stability over many years

  • High reliability through the use of new technologies, thus safe investment

  • Very compact design

  • Wide range of materials

  • Wide viscosity range 0.3-100000 mPa.s

  • NO inlet / outlet sections required

  • Zero point adjustment not required

  • Also for custody transfer applications


OI series oval wheel meters

OI series oval wheel meter

The oval gear meters of the OI series are particularly suitable:

  •      for custody transfer applications

  •      for nominal sizes up to DN 100 (DIN / ANSI)

  •      for highly viscous media, since there is only a low pressure drop

  •      for high demands on measuring accuracy and reproducibility

    •    even at high operating temperatures

    •    even at pressures up to PN 40

Special gearing

Oval wheel meters with standard gearingOval wheel meters with special gearing

The oval gear meters of the OI series are available with normal teeth or with special teeth. A special toothing is recommended to reduce the pressure loss and for viscosities greater than 150 mPas.

Standard gearing; Special gearing


An extensive range of additional devices is available for the oval gear meters of the OI series, e.g. B. mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic sensors, whose signals can be used for remote counting, flow measurement and control, as well as for integration into higher-level automation systems. They can also be used for dosing suitable quantity preselection devices with suitable valves of various designs and working methods.

Measurement of quantities and flows

  •      in process

  •      for official use

  •      in the dosage

Measurement of liquid intermediate and finished products such as

  •      Liquid gases

  •      Acids

  •      Alkalis

  •      Fat

  •      Alcohols

  •      Fuels

  •      Oil

  •      Solvents

  •      Dispersions

  •      Polymers

  •      Polycondensates

  •      Paints

  •      Colours

  •      Adhesives

  •      i.a.

 Befüllung eines Mischtanks mit verschiedenen Flüssigkeiten. Volumenmessung mittels Ovalradzähler OI.Steuerung der Befüllung eines Mischetanks mittels Ovalradzähler OI über elektronische Batchkontroller

Filling a mixing tank with various liquids; Control via electronic batch controller.

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