Combined devices level temperature

Devices for measuring and monitoring level and temperature in liquids

New in the Schmidt Mess- und Regeltechnik portfolio: devices for measuring and monitoring both, level and temperature. The devices made of stainless steel 1.4571 can be used in a wide temperature range between -30 °C and +150 °C. Degree of protection is IP66.
Float switches or level sensors are used for level monitoring. The temperature is monitored by PT100 / PT1000 sensors or by thermal switches.

In addition to switching contacts and resistance outputs, analog outputs with 4-20 mA (2-wire) are also available for level measurement as well as for temperature measurement.

  • A common industrial application is an additional safety temperature shutdown in addition to the level switching points. We now offer this double function in one device (RLS3000-TN210), also with numerous process connections and cable outlet (RLS3000-TN211).

  • The temperature output can also be supplied as a resistance output (PT100 / PT1000) and thus used as a measuring scale (RLS3000-TN230). As an alternative, we also supply this device with numerous process connections and cable output (RLS3000-TN231).

  • RLT3000-TN220 is equipped with analog outputs for level and a switching contact for temperature, RLT3000-TN240 with analog output for level and resistance output for temperature, RLT3000-TN200 with analog outputs for level as well as for temperature.

  • Combination devices with cable outputs and up to 4 level switching points are available for the hazardous area (RLS-4000). The temperature is monitored by bimetal switches or PT100 / PT1000 resistance sensors.

The combi devices are used for water, aqueous media, oils, diesel etc.
The devices are suitable for all liquids with a medium density = 750 kg/m³.

Industrial applications in the fields

  • Plant engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Process and process engineering

  • Shipbuildin

  • Power plants

  • Energy systems

  • Automotive power-plant engineering, etc.

Delivery time: 4 weeks