Magnetic Float Switch with Optional Temperature Output, Type RLS-4000

RLS4000 for monitoring the level and temperature in liquids in hazardous areas
  • Combination float switch / PT100 / PT1000 or bimetal switch
  • Temperature range: -30 °C to max. + 80 °C
  • Electrical output: 4-20 mA (level) and resistance output (temperature)
  • Cable outlet
  • Process connections: G 1½ “, G 2“, flange DN50 PN16
  • Degree of protection IP66
  • Approval for the hazardous area
Delivery time:
approx. 4 weeks
<<<<<<<<<<Delivery time
approx. 4 weeks
Measuring principle Float switch (level), PT100/PT1000 or bimetallic switch (temperature)
Electrical output Switch contact (level), resistance output or switch contact (temperature)
Process connections G 1", G 1½“, G 2“, flange DN50 PN16
Electrical connection Cable
Temperature range -30°C up to max. +80°C
Protection IP 66

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